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Anonymous whispered: Hello! I just ended up on your blog via your IchiHime fanart, it's a really nice pic! c: So may I ask, what do you like about IH? And what do you think about Orihime?

Hello, dear! First of all thank you so much! I’m glad you liked it ♥
I think the thing I like about Ichihime is how peaceful it is, considering the relationships Ichigo has with people around him. I mean, it seems to me that Orihime is able to make Ichigo show a facet of his personality that he isnt really prone to show otherwise, somehow soft and I love how that contrasts with his other relationship with his friends and family, where it’s more about tough love. And I like how selfless they are when it comes to one another, they want to become stronger for the other’s sake, and the other’s safety is always more important than their own, idk, that’s just beautiful i guess?
As for Orihime, I LOVE HER! She’s my fave female character in Bleach and I’m really satisfied with the way she developped throughout the series, I love how human she is, and she’s such a cutie pie and wonderful soul I JUST LOVE HER ;__; 

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"All he wanted from the girl was for her to hold his hand again if possible. He wanted her to squeeze his hand again someplace where the two of them could be alone." - Haruki Murakami

Ichihime month ♥ Teenage Love (Any Prompt)

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Ichihime month ♥ Hug

I’m late but I just couldnt not participate in this ichihimemonth :<